Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Cooking with "Chef" De Sousa

As soon as Friday mornings arrive I get a little to excited. Not only because the weekend is around the corner, but because the hubby gets a cooking! He plans 3 meals for each day. 
Which sometimes for me it's a bit overwhelming. He tends to cook some filling and fancy meals, which, don't get me wrong, they are great, but I don't want to gain the weight that I had just lost during the week. 
It's very rare that he actually makes all 3 planned meals. Sometime from breakfast I'm so full that I can wait till dinner to eat again. 

So here's what he cooked this weekend:

Friday night:
Inspired by Bone Fish Grill, he made the Bang Bang Shrimp. 
Super easy to make. It turned out Spicy,Tangy, and Sweet.
Recipe can be found here.

Saturday morning the hubby didn't cook. We took our little guy to taekwondo class and decided to go for breakfast,

For a late lunch early dinner we had Mussels with a spicy chorizo sauce. After having the meal, we decided that the next time he makes it we would pair it with a angel hair pasta or a rice. The sauce is great and would go great over the rice or pasta. Or this dish can be made as a just an appetizer.
Recipe can be found here.

For Sunday morning, we decided to have brunch. Only because we slept in and it was brunch time lol.
I love french toast, and my stepdaughter uses a simple recipe that I love, so I was a little sketchy about this one. It included almonds, so I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not. 
Turns out that I love it! Such a yummy recipe, the only thing missing was a Mimosa :)
Almond Toasted Brioche recipe can be found here.

For lunch and dinner we had nothing fancy, we just had left overs. I couldn't eat too much anyways, I was stuffed from what we did eat!

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