Tuesday, November 1, 2005

the begining

John and I used to work together, and I never really paid attention to him due to the fact that he was the big boss, he was divorced, older, and had 2 kids. I thought he was handsome, but very intimidating.
I had a job opportunity to where I was offered a position in San Diego, I had gone to his office to see if I can get more information about the position. He told me that we can go out after work one day and talk about it, I told him that that was fine.
So on a Friday morning on 06/10 he called me at my desk and asked if I was up for a drink after work, I was already having the worst day at work, I looked like crap, and I still said yes.
We went to Houstons in Irvine, and we had such a great conversation, that he asked me to go to Fashion Island, I said yes.
We had a great time, he ended up asking if he could give me a kiss and hold my hand. At first I said no, but after the 3rd attempt I said yes.
The rest is history, we got engaged 6 months later, and got married 6 months after that, 1 day shy of our 1 year anniversary.
On June 9, 2006 I became a Wife and a Step Mom to 2 beautiful kids Megan and Josh.
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