Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I"m Back

Did you miss me?

Since I have been gone for a few weeks, I want to say first and foremost, I want to wish you a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope all of you had a good one with your loved ones. I hope that 2011 brings you all that you ask for.

I have been pretty busy, and I just wanted to give a quick update before I start posting my recent activity.

I have always liked to be crafty, and in the last couple months I have gone a little overboard. On a previous post, I mentioned that I bought my first sewing machine, and as a super early birthday present (my bday is Jan 18th), I got the Cricut Expression (Thanksgiving weekend, it was on sale), thanks to my hubby.
Actually, let me back up a little, I had decided that for birthdays, or any kind of party or get together that I do, I would try and do most of the decorations by myself instead of buying them. I like to add my own little touch to things. So.... when I entered the blogging world, I came across a lot of craft blogs, and everyone has a sewing machine and a die cut paper cutting machine. I saw so many different projects, and I said to myself, "Hey, I can do that, all I need are the tools". That's where the sewing machine and the Cricut Expression comes in. I'm pretty sure all of you know what a sewing machine is, but if you don’t know what a die cut paper machine, its way to cut letters, shapes, and phrases in impressive sizes using the 12" x 24" mat or the 12" x 12" mat. So instead of using regular scissor and cutting stars, circles, etc you use the machine and it's cartridges to make endless project possibilities, a lot quicker and precise.

Since I became part time at my work on Dec 1st, it seems like I have no time to do anything, or is it because I'm trying to do everything, and I run out of time? My hubby thinks I'm nuts on how I try to tackle many projects at once, but I love that I want to do everything.

I've started projects with my sewing machine around October, and haven’t done any since, but I have a few in mind that I will be doing very soon, as soon as this weekend I hope. I used my Expression for the first time in December and I began with making my sisters request to make her some Christmas cards to give out to her clients (she's a real estate agent, let me know if you are looking for one, she's great). For being a first timer, and not knowing how to use the machine at all, I think I did a good job. My second project was for my son's 2nd and step son's 13th birthday party. I made a Mickey Mouse banner, and that came out cute. I had started doing the invitations before I got the Expression, and I wish I wouldn’t have, but I didn’t know I was getting it and I didn’t want to throw away what I had already done, so I just added a little touch with my machine.
I am so excited with projects that I have done, and will be doing that that I have opened an Etsy account called Created by Lizard, and will be selling my items on there. I will post later on that.

I know that this is a lot of rambling, and when my hubby reads this, his going to think I'm even crazier, but I love to do all these things and enjoy doing them.

I will be posting pics and all updates in the next day in regards to my recent family gatherings, and projects.

Babe, don’t worry, I will be posting your Christmas project as my first update ( better late than never) :)

Casa De Sousa is and will be a little hectic and crazy, but fun at the same time.
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