Friday, August 20, 2010

It Happened To Me.....

I picked up Jacob at my moms, as I was trying to put him in the car seat, he began to fuss, so what did I do, give him the car keys to get distracted. I got him strapped in turned around to grab the diaper bag, and I ended up closing the door. I quickly turned around,and Jacob locked the car as I was grabbing the door handle. I didn't panic at first, I kept telling him to push the button, and hopefully he would get the right one and unlock the door, he didn't. My purse and cell phone were in my car. My sister called AAA and they couldn't come out due to the type of vehicle that I have, they said the only way would be for them to break open the window. they suggested I call the fire department. We called the fire department, they came out, and couldn't get the door opened, they didn't want to break open the window, and then I said " OMG I have BMW Assist, they can get it opened." I went online and got the number, and they opened it with in minutes.
Jacob was fine, I then started to cry, I was scared, relieved, and just kept thinking why did I give him the keys?
Things I realized I could have done after the fact instead of calling the fire department out:
2. Call 411 for the BMW Assist number
3. Call another sibling or friend to go online and get the BMW Assist number

Thank you to the Perris Fire Department for coming out quickly and even though they didn't open the car they attempted until technology came through and unlocked my car (crazzzyyy!!).

Click on the following link, and read up on a  few tips that I would like to share after my Parent Mistake, that I will never do again: break-out-when-your-infant-or-child-is in the car thanks to

I hope this doesn't happen to you, but if it does stay calm, everything will be fine, and you are not a bad parent.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

To crib or not to crib?

about a month ago or so, i decided that Jacob who at the time was 19 months old, would no longer sleep in our bed. when john is away i spend my nights half asleep. keeping an eye out that he wouldnt fall off the bed, well he did , and twice.
on a sunday night, i mentioned to the hubby that the plan was to start getting jacob ready for bed at 8:15, change into pajamas, last milk feeding, read a book, and in his crib. wow do i wish it was easy as that. we knew he would cry, and that this would be our first challenge at tough love. i couldnt start that night because john said he didnt want to hear him cry, so i said fine, ill start tommorow night. heres how it went :
Monday: bedtime routine, in the crib, cried 45 minutes straight, within those 45, i went in every 15 to tell him i loved him, it was ok, sweet dreams and goodnight. kept crying, i picked him up, brought him tour bed and he held me tight and fell asleep. i nearly cried, how could i let him cry that long.
Tuesday: bedtime routine, in the crib, cried for 25minutes, fell asleep and didnt wake up till 6am. wow that was great.
Wednesday: bedtime routine, in the crib, cried for 15 minutes. fell asleep. i thought wow this easy stuff.
Thursday: same results as wednesday, and the hubby comes home late from his business trip.
Friday: bedtime routine, only this time daddy is doing it. he hasnt seen jacob all week, he rocks him, and puts him in the crib, jacob cries and dad brings him in to our bed and says " i dont like to see him cry, he will sleep with us tonight" all of a sudden im the bad guy, and i knew my routine was out the window.....

Present time: Megan and josh came down for the summer and so did my inlaws for two weeks. john worked from home, and during that time, jacob would play video games with dad and his brother until he would fall asleep, and slept withus the whole time.
now that the kids are gone, in laws are gone, and its back to the same routine, i decide to try it again.
Monday: bedtime routine, in the crib, cried and Screamed for 45 minutes. brought him to our bed.
Tuesday: same as Monday
Wednesday: sames as Mon and Tuesday, only this time, i rocked him to sleep, put him in his crib, and he woke up at 2am, picked him up and brought him to our bed.
Thursday: he fell asleep in our bed, tried to pick him up, he would cry so i put him back down.
Friday night: i didnt even try, i was exhausted from the week....

all the times that he would cry, he would call out mommy, daddy over and over. it breaks my heart, but it will be best for all of us. im trying it again tonight, wish me good luck......

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

See You Later!!

Megan and Josh left this morning back to Ontario Canada. I try to hold in my tears,
but I never can. I miss and hate that they have to go back, but we will have them
again for Christmas.

Megan will begin her hopefully Drama Free life of high school, and Josh will be entering the world of 7th grade

last night they did a little bit of school shopping, they went to Staples and Target.
They got some great deals.
Heres some photos, not great quality, took them with my Droid because i misplaced my
camera once again.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Megan's 14th Birthday Party

candy bar
anytimes theres music, jacbo is dancing

after the face dunk in the cake


our next plan on our vacation agenda was to go to Vegas for a few days. We went during the week, we assumed that it would be less crowded, but it wasn't. It was so packed. We spent it at the pool, Shark Reef Aquarium, Wax Museum and a lot of walking around and eating at the buffets.

1st pic in our room

we went to go walk, and i thought could drink a margarita,
i didnt even finish half, John finished it for me :(

megan and josh wanted to get their baby brother his first Build A Bear.
Jacob chose a black teddy bear, and calls it "Bear"

wax museum, too many pics, here is some:

jacob did this on his own, and of course we bursted out laughing

After he museum, we walked around the strip,
 and into the different hotels

jacob was pooped, we felt bad for him,
we had him strapped in his stroller most of the time.

a day at the pool

on our way home, jacob decided to smell his feet and laugh afterwards

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