Friday, August 20, 2010

It Happened To Me.....

I picked up Jacob at my moms, as I was trying to put him in the car seat, he began to fuss, so what did I do, give him the car keys to get distracted. I got him strapped in turned around to grab the diaper bag, and I ended up closing the door. I quickly turned around,and Jacob locked the car as I was grabbing the door handle. I didn't panic at first, I kept telling him to push the button, and hopefully he would get the right one and unlock the door, he didn't. My purse and cell phone were in my car. My sister called AAA and they couldn't come out due to the type of vehicle that I have, they said the only way would be for them to break open the window. they suggested I call the fire department. We called the fire department, they came out, and couldn't get the door opened, they didn't want to break open the window, and then I said " OMG I have BMW Assist, they can get it opened." I went online and got the number, and they opened it with in minutes.
Jacob was fine, I then started to cry, I was scared, relieved, and just kept thinking why did I give him the keys?
Things I realized I could have done after the fact instead of calling the fire department out:
2. Call 411 for the BMW Assist number
3. Call another sibling or friend to go online and get the BMW Assist number

Thank you to the Perris Fire Department for coming out quickly and even though they didn't open the car they attempted until technology came through and unlocked my car (crazzzyyy!!).

Click on the following link, and read up on a  few tips that I would like to share after my Parent Mistake, that I will never do again: break-out-when-your-infant-or-child-is in the car thanks to

I hope this doesn't happen to you, but if it does stay calm, everything will be fine, and you are not a bad parent.


  1. OMG Liz, that is one of my biggest fears. When i take my grandma to the doctor i always leave the keys in the ignition so the a/c and radio can stay on, then i get in the back seat with the kids to keep them time i got out of the truck to get back in the front and i shut the door, thankfully the diaper bag strap was in the way and the door bounced back open, my heart dropped because my phone and everything was in the truck also...i kept thinking to myself what would i have done if they would have gotten locked in, i would have freaked out, i was scared just thinking about it. I'm glad you stayed calm and that everything turned out good.

  2. Oh yeah, i started a blog also...the address is check it out if you get a chance.

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm sure more parents have done that than they'd like to admit! Just put that BMW number in your phone on speed dial if it should ever happen again!! Glad Jacob is safe!! Phew!

  4. When I read this I cried....this happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I am so glad that Jacob is ok and you were so brave and kept calm!! Baby and I were birthday shopping. When we got to the car I went ahead and put him in his car seat. My car has an automatic start feature but you have to lock it for it to work. The back door was already open when I used the feature my keys and my phone and purse where in the car. I was wrapping a gift and after I was done I closed the back door and as soon as I did I heard it lock. panick...I tried to get baby to get himself out of the car seat but he couldn't. Then someone noticed me and came to my help. We called on-star with no success, the towing company couldnt get it unlocked because newer cars are tight to get into, and finally the fire department had to break the window because baby started showing signs of distress due to the heat. When I finally held him in my arms he said "Silly momma, just accident" I broke down. To make matters worst we were 45 min away from family/home and my hubby was in National Guard drill that weekend. I will never forget!!


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