Sunday, August 8, 2010


our next plan on our vacation agenda was to go to Vegas for a few days. We went during the week, we assumed that it would be less crowded, but it wasn't. It was so packed. We spent it at the pool, Shark Reef Aquarium, Wax Museum and a lot of walking around and eating at the buffets.

1st pic in our room

we went to go walk, and i thought could drink a margarita,
i didnt even finish half, John finished it for me :(

megan and josh wanted to get their baby brother his first Build A Bear.
Jacob chose a black teddy bear, and calls it "Bear"

wax museum, too many pics, here is some:

jacob did this on his own, and of course we bursted out laughing

After he museum, we walked around the strip,
 and into the different hotels

jacob was pooped, we felt bad for him,
we had him strapped in his stroller most of the time.

a day at the pool

on our way home, jacob decided to smell his feet and laugh afterwards

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