Thursday, August 12, 2010

See You Later!!

Megan and Josh left this morning back to Ontario Canada. I try to hold in my tears,
but I never can. I miss and hate that they have to go back, but we will have them
again for Christmas.

Megan will begin her hopefully Drama Free life of high school, and Josh will be entering the world of 7th grade

last night they did a little bit of school shopping, they went to Staples and Target.
They got some great deals.
Heres some photos, not great quality, took them with my Droid because i misplaced my
camera once again.


  1. So sweet. I'm sure they love being able to spend time with you guys. It looks as if you always plan a LOT of fun things to do!! They'll be back before you know! Christmas is coming up soon!

  2. That's got to be hard to see them go - especially after spending the whole summer with them. I'm sure they'll hang onto the memories of your fun outings, though! :)


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