Saturday, August 7, 2010

DIY Birthday Decor "owl theme"

My next party I did was for Megans 14th Birthday. I wasnt sure what I wanted to do, but i
was inspired by DIY decorations. Went to Michaels and found a book of scrapbook paper and adored the patterns. I emailed a picture of it to get it approved by the Bday girl and she said yes.

  the basis of it all, this patterned scrapbook


solid construction paper

scrapbook paper and construction paper turned into letters

finished product the BANNER, i should have covered the frame with white paper,
so the banner could stand out more. oh time :)
i also attempted in making TISSUE POM POMS for the very first time.
i only did some to start, not too bad

with the scrapbook paper i also made cones, that i put
cotton candy and popcorn in for the candy table.
tip: cotton candy gets hard and shrivels after a little while,
didnt know that

                           with all the excess pieces of paper, i put it through the shredder,
                           and made confetti for the tables.

                        i purchased some printables from
                and coordinated the owl pattern  for the cups and straws with the other decorations.

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