Friday, July 5, 2013

Father's Day Celebration

I hope everyone had a great father's day a few weeks ago.

The guys in our family enjoy golfing. So all the guys went golfing in the morning, while the women stayed home and got the meal ready. I guess that isn't any different from our daily routine :)

We decided to make a crab boil and decorate a little. We didn't do too much of decorating, just some balloons, some signs, and that's it!

I might add that the guys were having too much fun at the golf course that they had to wait a few hours after they were done in order to drive home. They were supposed to be home by 2pm, they ended up getting back at almost 6pm.  In the mean time we were waiting and having some champagne.

My niece made these cute golf themed cupcakes. You might notice some of them were missing frosting. That was done on purpose, my dad does not like frosting at all, so she made some with out.

I made a sign that included golf and a crab boil picnic images.

Here is most of the food ready to get boiled!

The guys finally arrived, and they were hungry.  
We started them with a chicken salad and a drink.

Main meal is on it's way, and their ready with their bibs on :)

Boy was the tray heavy. Not sure what kind of faces 
my brother is making.
They were all acting funny that day.

Dining table got messy fast!

My dad and I, he didn't go golfing, so he hung around and helped.
Doesn't he look cute wearing this shirt?

My hubby and I, he is sunburned and looks like his ready for a nap lol.

The crab boil turned out delish. 
It's a meal that is super easy to put together, can't wait to do another one!

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