Sunday, July 7, 2013

Diamond Ring Fell Off!

I wanted to share my scare that I had yesterday.
I was washing dishing yesterday afternoon, and as I was drying my hands I realized my DIAMOND had fallen off my ring! I screamed and I yelled at my husband "WTF! My diamond is missing!" He said, SHUT UP, your joking, and I immediately started to cry. Not sure if I crushed the diamond in the garbage disposal but I was freaking out.

For several hours I kept retracing back my steps and no luck. My husband kept saying don't worry about it, it's just a "Thing". Yeah right it's just a "thing", it's my diamond and I wanted to find it ASAP. I looked in every single spot that I put my hands on that I could remember.

I ended up taking a break and my husband made me a cappuccino. I laid down and I was feeling a little disappointed in my self. How could I not notice it was missing.

This is what it looks like
(don't look at my chipped nail polish)

Pretty bad right? Well, the only reason why I am able to talk about this is because hours later I FOUND the diamond. I had gone to the bathroom to get ready for bed, and realized that I had put my hand in a box under the sink earlier in the day, so I thought to check in there VOILA! My diamond was in there!
I couldn't believe it. I screamed and had my husband come over and he couldn't believe it either!
I had to take a tequila shot to calm down!

I hope I never go through this again. We went to Kay's Jewelry today and left my ring so they can put that sucker back on. My husband also left his there, their going to refinish and polish up the rings for us and they should look as good as new
I can breath again!

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