Monday, November 15, 2010

Sewing Projects #1 and #2

Halloween was right around the corner from the day that I purchased my sewing machine, so I started to work on my first two projects. I haven't sewed since junior high, so I just quickly read the manual on how to thread the machine, and off I went. I found tutorials online on how to make my son's Halloween costume and my nieces Minnie Mouse's skirt.

Sewing Project #1
First was my sons costume. He is currently into The Mickey Mouse Club, and I wasn't sure on how he was going to be on costumes that had masks, and hats. So.... I made him a Mickey Mouse Cape, and bought him a foam sword from Michael's.

                                                      Here is my "Mouseketeer Super Hero",
                                    the mickey mouse head had his middle initial "J", adorable right?

Sewing Project #2, a skirt
I have never made a skirt, so I searched all over and found this simple skirt tutorial over at It was super simple, but it came out just a tad crooked, but that's OK, it was Halloween, and it wasn't THAT noticeable. Thanks to my niece Anna for being a good sport about it.


  1. I had no idea you had started sewing!! I've always wanted to, but never have time! Love Jacobs cape! He looks adorable!

  2. My mom has been sewing all her life. There is nothing she can't make. Weirdly enough neither me or my sister can sew. I wish I could. I even got a sewing maschine, but O god how hard it is to sit and start learning ;-)

    Great blog,


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