Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I just wanted to make a quick post, I got some great news today. I have been wanting to become a stay at home mom for a while now, well, ever since I had my son, who will soon be 2 in December (tear down my cheek). Due to my overspending at Target, I need to work for a little while longer.
The hubby and I have worked hard (especially the hubby, he has kept us on a budget), and I am now able to transition from a full time to a part time (jumping for joy).
My current job has accepted my request to work Mon-Wed (again jumping for joy).
I have so many plans for my Thursday and Friday days off:
2.work on crafts
3.join Stroller Strides: a mother child exercising class
4.clean my house so on the weekends we are free
5.cook home meals again
7.take our dog for walks
8.Enjoy having 4 day weekends every week...wooo hooo!!!
and so much more.
9.One step closer to becoming a stay at home mom

So first on the agenda, on my first week with my new schedule, on Thursday I get to go to NEW YORK!!! yes my friends NEW YORK!!!.
I have never been, but my husband works in the East Coast, and they have their company Christmas party on a Friday night this year, and we were able to RSVP, and I am just so excited.
I already love my new schedule.

One last note:  if you are a working mom away from home, and hope that one day you get to be a stay at home mom, work from home, or work part time, keep your head up, keep on doing what your doing, and it will happen sooner rather than later.

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