Friday, June 7, 2013

Pin-Insprired: Beverage Station Sneak Peak

I love pinterest. It's a spot where all things wonderful come together. I have pinned a lot of pins, but not as much as others, but I think I'm getting there. 

The intention of pinning ideas is so that one day you can make it as well. So, with Father's Day just around the corner, things are getting a little busy around here. 

Our theme this year is Golf with a little Crab Boil. The guys are going golfing in the morning and the women are cooking for them (not much of a difference from a normal day lol). 

It's going to be an outdoor event, and when I came across this idea on pinterest from Lil Luna,  I thought it would be perfect for it. 

I first enlisted my dad for help. His retired and is always looking for the next thing to do. I face timed him up yesterday morning, and showed him the blog with the beverage station, his reaction was "oh piece of cake". I said perfect when you get a chance to do it that would be great, but we do need it for Father's Day. He said fine.

A few hours later he face times me and says look, he turns the Ipad camera around and shows me that he already finished the base and the only thing we need are the buckets.

Holy smokes is my dad fast LOL, today he painted the base white, and tweaked the base a little, that way we wont have to drill into the bucket later.

I asked my niece to take a picture of him with the base.

Isn't he cute! Love him.

My dad loves that we give him projects to do, it keeps him busy. 
Just to the right of the picture, he was painting a tax cab yellow for an upcoming party were doing!

Final picture of the Beverage Station will be up next week!

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