Thursday, June 13, 2013

Craft day

Today happened to be a crafting day for me. I have been working on putting together some routing charts for our son, and some of my nieces and nephews wanted some as well. Once I was fine designing them, I printed them and laminated them. 

Once I was done, I put Jacob's chart up in his room door. Hopefully this will help us get into a daily morning and night time routine. 

Later on in the day, I quickly sewed up a small blanket for my nephew. I am not a good sewer. I took home economics back in junior high, and liked it. That's all the sewing experience I have :)
I learn as I go, I google stuff and try to find easy tutorials.

I thought I had cut everything  evenly, but once I started sewing the material wasn't aligned. I blame it on the blue material.  Once I sewed all around, I cut the excess blue material, turned it inside out and finished it up. 
It turned out ok. Hopefully my nephew will be to excited about the dinosaurs that he won't even notice my bad sewing skills. 

A future goal of mine is to become a better seamstress :)





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