Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend Cooking with "Chef" De Sousa

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend.  Some of my family came up to visit, and it was great. The hubby did all the cooking, and everyone enjoyed that.

Everyone arrived Saturday morning around lunch time, and the chef was ready to cook. A few weeks ago we had bought Rachael Ray's The Book of Burger.  Every once in a while I'll be in the mood for a burger, and for this weekend, I was in the mood.

So I requested that my hubby cook from that book, the following: 
Buffalo Turkey Burgers and Extra Crispy Jalapeno Poppers.

For a quick appetizer we had some veggies and used some of the blue cheese gravy as a dip.

Instead of the burger bun, we opted to use ciabatta bread. They were easy to make and delicious. 

The Jalape├▒o Poppers

I sipped on a Bloody Mary while we waited for the food. So refreshing!

Everyone was pretty stuffed after this, but we still had lasagna from scratch to make for dinner. The meat sauce took about 3 hours to cook, so in the mean time we took a dip in the pool to cool off and relax. 

This is a picture of the lasagna before it was put into the oven to bake.  We had just bought this Mario Batali Lasagna pan, so we put it to use. 

One thing we did wrong, was when the lasagna was done, we had to wait 20 minutes before we could cut into it. Waiting that time would set in the lasagna and make it sturdier. We unfortunately did not wait those 20 minutes. It was about 9pm and everyone was hungry, so we waited 5 minutes and served it. 

This is how it looked on the plate, not so attractive,  but it tasted it really good, I promise.

The following day we had some lasagna left over, and this is what it looked like (minus the meat sauce, oops!)

My nieces then baked up some chocolate chip cookies from scratch

The moms and kids went cherry picking in the morning, so the hubby made small cherry pies.

And we cant forget my husbands Lattes, these are always a family favorite.

I had an awesome weekend, too much yummy food though!

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