Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Tea Party

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day this past weekend. Our day was great. We enjoy having themed parties when ever we get a chance. So this day was no exception.

 We decided, or I should say my sister Alicia and I decided that we would do a Tea Party Theme. 

We put together a small amount of decorations, but it all looked cute. We had big hats to wear. The funny thing was that we didn't even drink tea, were not big on tea :)

My husband planned the 4 course meal, and all the men and children were in charge of cooking and serving the Mom's on this day!

The decorations were a vintage rose design, and I added some tea cups on some of the decor.

I also made a few napkin rings 

I made these 8x10 signs that say "happy mother's day" in Spanish

A few water labels

A very simple banner

Look at all those gifts for the moms

My dad was in charge of grilling the corn, so cute.

My Hubby the chef.

 My nephew on the left and my hubby on the right.

The gang.

This was some of the gang who cooked and helped out!

 The wine being served :)

My mom doesn't like taking pictures

My place setting

The girls

Bartender, more wine please! That's me on the right lol.

Our meal being served, we were so spoiled.

All the mommies

Me and my sisters 

It was a perfect day!

It will be the women and kids turn to cook for Father's Day next month! The dad's told us to be aware!

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