Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Little Prince Baby Shower

I was so excited to host a co ed baby shower for my sister and her husband. We had the party at my house, and the theme was "A Little Prince Is On His Way". I made most of the party decor my self, and I was happy with the results. Thank you to all who helped in putting the event together. Here are a few pictures:

These were the welcome signs, after the shower I put them together as one long wreath, and she was able to put it on their front door until the baby arrived.

Here is a picture of the save the date that went out.


                                                                       Buffet Table

                                                                    Sweets Table

My Stepdaughter helped me make these yummy brownie bites in addition to other great treats we had, recipe found on bettycrocker.com

 I put several of these frames through out, they added a great little touch
Mom and Dad were able to take these home as well.

In addition, I had also bought a bunch of assorted size candle holders, put blue water (food coloring), crystals and floating candles through out. Once the sun went down we turned on the candles. Unfortunately there was a bit of wind, and the candles kept blowing out.

The Happy Mom and Dad to Be

These were the centerpieces, unfortunately our 100 degree whether that day with a bit of breeze was not letting these centerpieces stand straight. They kept tipping over. I was happy the night before when I had finished all the balloon clusters, they looked so cute.

I didn't know what to do for party favors, all I wanted to do was something unique. So I made guest soap party favors. The stickers read "Were Soaping you had a great time. Thank you for coming"

For more pictures visit this link

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