Tuesday, November 22, 2011

French Theme Birthday Party

This summer I helped my sister create a French Theme Birthday Party for her daughter that turned 2. At the entrance of the house we created an "airport". We had the guest sit in chairs and I read them a quick dialect just like the flight attendants do. They then arrived in Paris, took their photo and they then entered the party.

It started off with these super cute invitations

This is where the guests arrived LAX Los Angeles airport

They sat in the plane while I read my quick flight instructions

Guests then arrive at ORY Paris airport

Birthday girl and Mom

That's me on the right and my family. I made shirts that read
"Were Here For Alexa's French Party"

Grandma and Grandpa also wore their French themed shirts :)

We had French Baguette bread and assorted meats for lunch

French Lemonade

We made these paper cones for the french fries

Cake that my niece Anna made

Table Des Bon Bons (Sweets Table in French)

We did a little photo shoot the week before, and my sister turned one of the pictures into cardboard, and guests were able to sign on it.

In addition to the sweets and cake, my niece who made the cake also made Crepes.
The guests had a choice of the ingredients, and my husband made his yummy lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso.

We had Menus through out

Hope you liked it

For more pictures please click this link

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