Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Discounts gotta love them

About 10 years ago, my favorit job was working at Strouds Linen Outlet. I loved it there. Deep down, i get happy when i buy stuff for the house, pillows, sheets, drapes, etc. When i worked there we got a 30% discount, and it was even better when stuff was on sale, we would add our discount on top of that. It was great.
Now, I now longer work there, but my sister works at Lowes and we tell her what were looking for and if it comes up on sale she calls us, we tell her to grab it and we get her discount on top of the sale price. we love that.
today i went to go visit her during my lunch hour and bought these that were already 25% off and i got her discount. All three for $12.50, great deal right?

i bought 1 of this one

and 2 of this one

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