Friday, September 3, 2010


as of last night, i decided to get on a diet, and lose my last 10 pounds of baby weight. 1 year and 7 months is way to long in prolonging this. so i thought to my self, "myself, how are we going to do this?" i dont want to eat a piece of wheat bread a day, i dont want to get rid of any meat, and i dont just want to eat lettuce. so i have decided to eat what i want, but not as much.
so today im am taking my lunch break and got a sandwhich which includes: veggies,poultry,bread, and dairy. at first i thought ok only eat half and save the rest for later. then i thought i cant do that, the other half will get soggy,and i will still be eating the whole thing. i ate all of it during my lunch.
i guess i will start my diet tonight at dinner!

How do you Diet?
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  1. Diets are hard! I try to eat fruits and veggies. You can have as many as you'd like!! Just mix it up every week and take them to work to snack on. Then you won't be super hungry at one meal and eat too much!!

  2. that sandwich looks good...i had a foot long tuna sandwich today from subway, but it wasnt as good as i bet yours was. I know what you mean about baby weight. I was wearing some soft cotton pants today, and as i was getting ready to get into my car i seen my reflection and i totally looked pregnant, i was so bummed. Then i got down to go into the store real quick and i left Eddie and the kids in the car, as i was walking out of the store towards the car i seen eddie looking at me, when i got in the car he says "i was thinking that next time i work out i'm gonna give you some easy work outs that you can start doing also"...jerk...these stupid pants, i'm not wearing them anymore until i lose weight :). Good luck on you diet, i agree with you about not stopping the good stuff just watching how much. I'm definately not gonna stop eating what i want because then i just want it more, i'm just gonna try to excercise more. We'll see :)


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