Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4th of July weekend

Megan and Josh are here for the summer, they arrived the 1st week of July, and that first weekend was a busy one. Our friends from Niagra Falls, Ontario Canada arrived and stayed with us for the weekend. It was my first time meeting them, they have know John for several years. They accompanied us to our already planned events, and in between, they did some sight seeing on their own. We had a great time, and we hope they will visit again. Here are some pictures of our 4th of July weekend, and by the time the fireworks were showing I was pooped and didnt even take pictures :(

My dad and the Hubby

Birthday girl Alexa and Megan

Jacob, Megan, Josh, Briana, and Alexa

4am, just got our fire pit in Huntington Beach, and were ready for the 4th of July

John getting the fire ready for some breakfast
tony and tina lisi, John, my niece Anna, Alex, Anelle, and

Kayla, Jacob, Joshua

                                               Going out to do some shopping

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  1. What a fun 4th of July! I'm so sad that I didn't get to do that this year! Too cold in winter-time!!


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