Sunday, July 18, 2010


My sister Gabby and her kids, Rudy, Ruben, Gabriela, and Juan Manuel had their housewarming party this weekend. I thought I took more picutres than the kid ones, but I dont know where those are at.

Heres  few of when she first moved in: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Gabby driving up to her house

While she drove up, everyone was waiting on the side of the garage, and jacob was in his stroller next to everyone.
They started to walk to the front door, and after she opened the door, everyone went inside, and I was taking the pics,
and I'm like "where's Jacob, and everybody runs out and his smiling in his stroller all alone,
we all cracked up because he had the cutest smile on, and look that said "Hey what about Me?"
                                                At the house warming party
                                                  Jacob found his own seat
                                                the little kids taking a break

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