Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's beginning to look like Spring!

It has been a bit busy around Casa De Sousa. We just got back from our annual trip to Canada. We had a great time visiting family. My sister and her son came with us this time. We all were not ready for the cold weather. We were bundled up the whole time we were there.

Before we left for our trip, the weather started to change, some trees around our home started to bloom, and every time I went outside and looked at them, I would get smile on my face.

With spring and Easter quickly approaching I worked on some invitations. Here are a set of Spring Invitations that could be used for either a birthday party, Easter Egg Hunt, and any spring gathering. I used spring colors, and kept it simple. They are available in my shop at www. easy.com/shop/casadesousa. Any of the invitation can be customized, and translated into Spanish.




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