Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crab Tostadas

The hubby and I are a couple who enjoy cooking together or by ourselves. When John is working from home, i get to come home to some great cooked meals. Here I will share the recipes that we enjoy doing often, and enjoy doing them for the first time.

My mom makes crab tostadas with crab (obviously), diced onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, and salt. Mix it all together and put it on a corn tostada. We have been having hot weather here in Sunny Cali, and last night John decided to do his version of the Crab Tostada, inspired by My moms version and Food and Wine Best of the Best cook books.

ingredients: fully cooked crab, purple onion, cilantro, tomatoes,
jalapenos (keep seeds if you want it spicy), avocado, lemon zest, mayo,
and salt and pepper to taste.
Mix all together except for the avocado. Grab a tostada, put pieces of avocado as the base, and spoon on the crab mixture.
sprinkle some cilantro for garnish and taste. serve with lime wedge and a cold beer.

Finished product: Enjoy

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