Friday, April 29, 2011

1st time to New York

Hey everyone, I'm for sure back this Just a quick update, I'm not working part time anymore. I am no longer doing the 2 hour commute to work. I found a new job closer to home, and it's only 30 minutes away, the downside is that I'm working full time, but 4 days a week, which I love.

OK so back in December, I went to New York for a quick trip for my husbands work. It had to be quick trip so we didn't do much.
I left on a Thursday, and as I am waiting for my flight, I go grab something to eat, and guess who is there?

                           The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan. He was very nice, and approachable

My hubby and his Scott and his wife, picked me up from Newark Airport, and we headed out for dinner.
We had Italian at this great restaurant in Restaurant Row. They served a bread basket that had a really thin like tortilla, that had garlic, butter, parsley spread all over. It was so yummy, that we have tried to make them here, and we have come close to making them just as good.

Next for the agenda, was to go to times square. Since it was right before Christmas time, I got to see the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. I was a bit disappointed, all the movies make the ice skating area and Christmas tree look so huge. The rink was small, but the tree was big, I just thought it would be bigger.

New York, was just how I imagined, everyone in a rush, pushing you aside as they walk by, and crazy busy. By the end of the night, I learned how to hold out my elbows a little, just in case somebody bumped into me, i wouldn't fly across the sidewalk. I must of gotten bumped into about 6 times within a short period of time, and they do not say excuse or sorry, they just keep on walking. There's great energy there but a little to fast for me.  

The next morning which was Friday, was the day of the Christmas Party. My hubby went to work, and I took the rental and drove to go get my hair done at The Gatsby, yes it's the salon from the show Jerseylicious. I was so excited to go, because I enjoy watching the show.
I got there, and I saw the Sonic fast food place where Tracy and Olivia fought, I was the mattress store that the salon is right next to. I walked in, my stylist wasn't in yet, but I was like 45 minutes early. I left really earlier since I've never driven out there, and I wasn't sure how traffic was. Better early than late.
So I sat there, and I'm like, wow it's exactly the way it looks like in the show.
First I see Christy, she looks simple, and cute. She says good morning, asks if I have an appointment, and I say yes, but she's not here yet, I'm here really early. Then comes out Gayle from her little office, says good morning. I was so nervous to ask if I could take a picture with them, I didn't want to seem like I was just there for the picture, which I was :).
I bought a jerseylicious shirt as I waited, and finally my stylist arrived and she went to go get her spot ready. I noticed that her spot is the same exact one as where Gigi works when she's on the show. She said give me a few minutes and I'll come back and get you. At that moment I new I had to ask to take a picture, so I went up, and asked them. they were very nice, and we chatted a little.
Once i started to get my hair done, i started to ask the stylist questions as to how they chose which stylist would be on the show. She quickly  replied and said that none of the people besides Gayle and Christy work there. When they approached Gayle about the show, they already had the cast picked. At that point I was immediately bummed, its another semi fake show. Oh well, aren't they all?
I was happy I still went, a few hours later, we headed out to the yacht where the party was, had a great time and flew back to California the next morning. It was a great short mini trip.

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  1. I know! Rockafeller center is super small. Maybe its' because there are so many people around and it's crowded, but I've skated on that ice rink!! I loved New York too. Different atmosphere than anywhere else!!


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