Wednesday, March 1, 2006


John proposed in just 6 months after we started dating. Our relationship was a little rocky at the time, and on 12/27/2005 he asked me to go to lunch. I thought ok were breaking up for sure. He took me to Houston's (where we had our first semi date) and we talked. He was very nervous, kept grabbing my hands, and I didnt know what was wrong with him. He got up to go to the bathroom, took awhile. He would always ask me if I would ever marry him, and I always said yes. When he returned he grabbed my hands, and on my left hand I had a funky looking ring on my middle finger, he started to take it off, and i'm like what are you doing. He than proceeded to say the following " I love you very much, do you still want to marry me?" I said yes, and as he was taking my ring off, and I asked what are you doing, and he he took out this little black suede ring box and opened it, and asked "will you marry me?" I said " are you kidding me?" he put the ring on, and i'm like OMG.... I said Yes.
He had this all planned out, a couple of weeks earlier we had gone xmas shopping with my sisters and he had talked to my twin Juanita about him proposing to me. We shopped around and asked me to go into Kay Jewelers because he wanted to get a watch. We went in and I of course go to the engagement rings, and he asked if you could pick any ring which one would it be, I picked one and it was the one that he gave me when he proposed.
I absolutely love it, its a unique shape so we had to get the band custom made, and after we got married, 2 months later we got the other band to go with it.
Here are a couple of pictures from our engagement photo shoot with Kusha Alagband and my ring. Kusha was amazing and did a great job with our engagement and wedding photos.

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